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Healthcare and Employee Benefits Consulting

We’ll connect you with the resources you need to control costs and improve the health and performance of your most important assets — your employees.

We’ll connect you with the resources you need to control costs and improve the health and performance of your most important assets — your employees.

Your health plan solution: trust in our friendly guidance

TASB Benefits Cooperative is here to support you in navigating the complex process of choosing a health plan so you can focus on serving the staff and students in your district. For districts that do not have the time or the expertise to analyze data in-house, TASB Benefits Cooperative can assist with the evaluation and help ensure you are making the best choice for district employees. Contact us for a free analysis as we walk you through some best practices to consider in making this important decision. 

If you need help making your data request from TRS-ActiveCare, or another provider, or wish to talk to our reps about your health plan options, call us at 800-558-8875, email our team, or submit the contact form below.

Health care insurance consulting from a name you trust

Gain access to comprehensive health care consulting tailored for school districts and their staff through our awarded provider, Gallagher Benefits Services.

Your district stands to gain:

  • A dedicated team specializing in the Texas public sector
  • In-house experts in actuarial and underwriting services
  • In-house compliance attorneys ensuring regulatory adherence
  • In-house pharmacists providing pharmaceutical management expertise
  • Access to one of Texas's largest consultants for public school health plans

The Gallagher Health and Welfare Consulting team assists you in crafting and administering a cost-efficient benefits program aimed at reducing expenses, enhancing workforce productivity, educating employees, mitigating risks, and attracting, retaining, and developing top talent.

Why choose Gallagher

  • Tailored Solutions: With over 40 years of experience serving school districts, Gallagher crafts customized approaches to meet your financial goals and benefit program needs while ensuring cultural fit and financial sustainability.
  • Comprehensive Services: Gallagher provides a full range of services from planning to implementation, ensuring employee well-being and organizational alignment. Their offerings include strategic planning, compliance consulting, financial management, and more. They understand that beyond innovation, products, and technology, the most crucial element in workplace culture is the human one. Your organization is only as strong as its people.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Gallagher provides data-driven solutions for plan design and provider network strategies, leveraging demographic insights to tailor specific solutions for your multi-generational workforce. Benchmarking tools and analytics reports enable informed decision-making, ensuring optimal utilization of resources.
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If you have questions about building a top-tier health and employee benefits package, the advantages of going with the TASB Benefits Cooperative, or you need assistance with anything else, talk with our employee benefits advisors.